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Translator's Dictionary of Phrases, a Turkish - English / English Turkish dictionary based on years of experience

Translators' Dictionary of Phrases

Dear Colleagues,

I have been doing translation work continually since 1994.  Although there are many rich dictionaries in our bookstores, I, as a translator, have regularly faced difficulty insofar as I have lacked a dictionary of difficult and infrequently occurring phrases.

By way of example, how should the phrase “making available” be expressed in Turkish? Is there an exactly corresponding phrase in Turkish, or is it sufficient to translate it approximately, trying to express it in the best way possible?  Or what are the nuances among synonyms?  When we use “davacı” in Turkish, how many different words are there in English that correspond to “davacı”, and what are the nuance differences among them?

That’s how I came up with the idea for this dictionary, out of this learning odyssey (namely, the translation profession) into which I ventured many years ago.  What I am trying to say is that this dictionary is not a compilation from various sources.  Instead, it tries to recognize and set forth nuances among words/phrases, looking at the language through the eyes of a translator.  This special dictionary contains phrases I have recorded in the course of actual translation projects, ones that are impossible or difficult to obtain from other sources, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the internet.

Consequently, it does not contain pronunciation keys, nor does it contain many common words included in other dictionaries.  The dictionary I have prepared is intended for practitioners – for colleagues who are actually doing translation work.

May this Dictionary of Phrases, consisting of phrases and words compiled over more than 17 years, be of benefit to you.

March 2011, Ankara
All rights reserved © 2011

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